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about us

About Us

Who We Are

PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. - Pixel’s Next Experiment , as the name defines, we are working on new products and technologies with an intention to provide pixel-perfect solutions. We are always open and driven to explore new stuff, and are fully capable for working on new technologies like WordPress, CodeIgniter, Angular JS, Node JS, Android/iOS application. We have a radiant plan to come up with GPL products which would help the community to grow along with us in this passionate journey of ours. We are hiring young, skillful and energetic candidates to join with us in our marvelous endeavours.

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Mr. Himanshu Mehta

Founder & CTO

Mr. Himanshu Mehta founder of the company is currently serving as a Director of PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded in the year 2007 with only 6 employees and it was through his restless efforts that PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. has registered a rapid growth. The company has a total of 40+ brilliant developers and designers working in various domains.

He is an engineering graduate (Information Technology) from RGPV University BHOPAL. Later to grow up the Business skills he post graduated by MBA (Information Technology and Marketing) from Vikram University Ujjain.

He believes in providing reliable solutions and making the client feel proud on themselves by selecting us as their partner.

Mr. Vivek Gour

International Marketing Head

Mr. Vivek Gour is serving as Lead International Marketing Head of the company. It is his elegant communication and observational skills which inspire us the most. He is a great Business Relationship Builder, as he puts himself in the client's shoes to identify and understand their needs.

He is an innate strategist. As being a successful professional, he is more interested in the challenges set by clients and working out how to solve them. He exactly knows how to successfully can convey his message in an effective manner to a client.

He is a Graduate in B.Com (Economics), a highly skilled Company Secretary (CS) & Post graduate in MBA (International Business).

His Strategic thinking & Innovative vision inspires our team and keeps us motivated.

Mr. Kamlesh Yadav

Admin & H.R. Head

Mr. Kamlesh Yadav is serving as an HR head from the start of the company. It is his skills which always make us proud, as the professionals selected by him are always on top of the work. He is ready to accept the challenges of man power management which make the company run smoother and faster.

He is an accomplished Post Graduate in Commerce but his mind calculation is faster than a psychologist. He is Post graduate in M.COM from Vikram University Ujjain.

He Believes in his team and knows what exactly is to be done. His knowledge and work efforts always keep our professionals motivated.


our mission

PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. is evolving the way an IT Company works from a tech-savvy environment to a pleasing and client friendly support, with a team of best developers. We make it our mission to innovate and change what is next like our name says 'Pixel Next Experiment'. We are ready to make the change happen and our labs are experimenting to bring to you the best and the latest products. Our developers are keen on learning the latest technologies and creating the top-tier IT products.


our vision

We are a contrasting IT Company, we believe in creativity, originality and our resources are full of innovations. Always Experimenting with new ideas, and finding various ways of pixel perfect implementation is our core purpose. The vision of the leader and the developers have brought PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. to this level where the combination of the human mind and technology come together as a whole creating better IT solutions. We see into the future only to find PixelNX Pvt. Ltd. as one of the biggest IT firms in India and not only this but our focus is to create such optimized technologies that spread across the globe.