Journey to Success Started on 21st Sept. 2017
Journey to Success started on 21st Sept. 2017. This was the Date when I stepped out of INDIA for the very first time. And the occasion was Marketing Events Summit Orlando.
The flight was of 36 hours and I had to change three flights, Wasn’t easy for a guy who was flying for the first time in his life. But it was worth it ( You’ll know as you keep reading this)
It was a dream come true to see the guys in person when I reached the venue, There were faces all around me that I could have never imagined. But the Marketing Events summit made it possible for a guy like me who was trying to make his name in the IM world.
This was the time I met Andy Mackow, And trust me this man is an entertainer and refresher, No matter what stress you are under he can be a stress buster. And Since I was nervous to see all the BIG NAMES there, Andy stood up and introduced me to everyone out there.
This was the Night Before the Event actually started, So I had 3 more days to stay there. The next morning when the Event started, We all collaborated in the hall and I was honored to share the Table with people like Tom Yevsikov, Lee Pennington, Trevor Mchaffie, Brendan Mace, For the First Half of the first day. This was the time when I was getting in the comfort zone with such BIG NAMES.
The second day of the event turned up to be and great as well, This was the time When we and Tom Yevsikov planned our AdBuddy launch. We sat in the corner of the garden ( way Away from Andy Mackow LOL) and discussed the possibility of AdBuddy Launch. That was the first project which I got RIGHT ON THE SECOND DAY OF ATTENDING THE EVENT. Since then we haven’t looked back.
Before attending the event in Orlando, it was tough to connect the guys who were there, And Today almost 80% of the attendees are my clients. All thanks to Simon Disney and Chelle Warner.
After Orlando’s event, I have not missed any Marketing Summit Events Except the one which was in Italy. Happy to be a part of such events which not just turn lifes of an individual but also Deliver Lifetime Happiness and memories.
The Next on the List was the One Which Happened In LONDON in October 2018. And What a Great Start it was, Got a Pleasant Surprise at the airport, Andy Mackow was there to receive us ;)
Day One of the Event was awesome Because I was one of the 5 judges who had to select the Best product which was demonstrated there as a developer. And Not just that, I Finally met Ledgents Like Brad Gosse, Neil Murton, Lee Pennington and shared the Table.
Brad Gosse, made me Drink Alcohol for the First time in my life. He Gifted me the Red Wine.
Right After that, The Second day we again gathered in the hall and that hall was filled with legends of internet marketing, People like, Ali S Chowdhry, Dan Cumberland, Adeel Chowdhry, Rahul Bhatnagar, Saurabh Bhatnagar, Dan Brock, Dean Gilmore, Wayne Crowe, Vipul Garg, And Many More Big names.
All these Events have not just go through them But they made Me GROW through them.. The more I attended Marketing Summit Events the more confident I got and more Business started coming In. I highly recommend to attend Such events and make connections.
After London, It was time to helo the Events In INDIA at our request, And what a place and event it was, People from all over the world came to attend that. The Point of Attraction was not the site Seeing Of GOA, Rather it was Attendees like Paul Ponna, Sid Diwar, Mosh Bari, Dr. Sameer Joshi, In fact Almost all 50 Plus Indian Marketers were here.
The event was so healthy, that We cracked a deal with ONE OF THE BIGGEST Guys in the industry and working with them now.
Definitely recommend attending such events. Cheers..