Carbody feature

100% SPEED

All files using a clean code and are well minimized to ensure maximum speed of loading of the site.


Clean and optimized code for the best search engines and compatible with many wp plugins as Yoast.


Create your pages and your site using the display in the front view, so you can see real-time changes.


Choose from hundreds of custom icons from Font Awesome and quick and easy ways to add these icons to WordPress.


Carbody Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation that adapts your website to all screen resolution.

100% FREE

Carbody doesn't ask you to upgrade to pro version , it is completely free. it gives you complete theme.

theme portrayal

Carbody WordPress Theme is a clean and uncomplicated WordPress Theme with a 100% responsive feature to provide you the best browsing experience on all modern mobile devices and compatibility around various internet browsers. This Theme is developed using latest web standards which are HTML5 and CSS3.

The user friendly environment of the Theme allows a non technical person to set up this Theme very easily with simple step by step guide. Carbody WordPress Theme is fully customizable on the backend where you can efficiently change the logo, tagline, metas , background image and of-course each and every content on the site. Also, this Theme comes with a default index page to set up as your homepage, but you can also set up default blog style layout as well.

Before getting started, please make sure to always search the Documentation and Knowledge base. Carbody WordPress Theme can be used with WordPress and we assume that you already have WordPress installed and ready to go and if not, please follow this link to see our section on WordPress to help you get started. Carbody is a classic, radiant and a refreshing WordPress Theme Which is based on Car body parts,vehicles & Shops and created with touch of sheer creativity of its designer and developers.